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LESD #27 has committed to providing a Chromebook for each teacher and 6th grade student at the start of the 2016-2017 school year. The District 27 Technology Integration Team will be training and developing lessons that prepare district teachers for this transition in learning.





A technology committee met to study LESD #27 technology needs in November 2015. It was decided at the first meeting that the Committee would begin exploring the possibility of expanding 1:1 computing to all schools throughout the district.


Careful planning, site visits, research, and committee work led to a plan for purchasing Chromebooks for LESD #27 students and staff and the development of the District 27 Technology Integration Team. 

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The District #27 Technology Integration Team was established in May 2016. Teachers on this team will meet for a week of training in June. 


The primary focus of this group will be to plan training and prepare materials that will be shared with all District #27 staff during the 2016-2017 school year in order to prepare staff for the transformation in instruction, use of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

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Having Chromebooks in the classroom is like having "Differentiation in a box!"

Teacher - Mrs. Podbelsek




The way that I am approaching this new technology is in the position of a young student, ready and willing to learn. I fully understand that this technology will be able to enrich my students learning and prepare me and my students for the future.


Teacher - Anthony Varnado


When teachers use technology, it creates a situation where deeper learning must take place. More thinking, editing and revising to get it right.

Former Student - B. Smith 



The majority of our students are also digital learners. It is one more modality that we need to provide when we instruct; much like we always teach with visual, auditory and kinesthetic options.  Students will be able to easier access information and produce lessons that demostrate their mastery of a topic. Start with one small step!

Teacher - Barb Coffey



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